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Shaw Direct went down this evening


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Please provide me some feedback

Half of my channels on Shaw Direct System are down. These are from the satellite called Anik F2 and have most of the HD programs. I'm hoping it is only me. It went out this evening. I unplugged and then replugged the receiver that didn't help and I checked the quad LNB on the roof , you know checked the RG 6 cables etc.

Please post whether your system is working well or not and only picking up half of the satellite channels. Either answer will help me decide what to try next.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT I am not talking about the normal short outages around 2 PM each afternoon that last 5 to 20 minutes for a few more days because of the location of the sun behind the satellite we are pointing at, at this time of the year..

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What a relief!    I know I shouldn't be glad about this outage but I thought it was just me messing things up on this brand new "Smart" T.V.

I spend an afternoon just trying to figure things out, nothing worked, no sound, stuck in one channel. I'll never figure this dam thing out, I thought. Things are back to normal now, so glad I read this post. Thanks!

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From SHAW,

Dear Customers,
Thank you so much for patiently waiting for an update regarding the issue affecting one of our satellites.
After investigation, it appears that the affected satellite performed emergency movements for reasons that are currently being investigated. We expect the situation to be returned to normal around 11:30 AM Eastern Time, October 3rd

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Cool, I wonder why it had to make emergency movements. Has Mork finally come back to earth?

At least I know why I am stuck on "Please wait, acquiring satellite signal".

These links may have something to do with it. Watch the first video. In fact, watch them all..

For the video see


For the dry science see


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Last night, a number of the HD channels were actually showing the SD feeds, I guess to make it easier for viewers. How ironice: a few nights ago, NetFlix went down in North America for about three hours, which freaked out a lot of subscribers. And last night, WestWorld was debuting on HBO, after about two years of advertising... only to be cut off with the Shaw outage. Talk about pushing people to "cut the cord" and check out the streaming services...

Just got a message from Shaw: all the channels should be back by now (it's 9:30 am Monday).

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