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Guadalajra Airport ,Protests

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I disagree about Ejido = extortion. The vast majority of desirable development land left in Mexico is held by either Ejidos or large corporate trusts with clouded shareholders. When an eminent domain

What a load of rubbish...  As of March 2016 there was still access to the beach on the Bay of Banderas.  Access is not wide open but there are many streets/roads that run down to the beach..

I did a pick up yesterday of a 98 year old woman in a wheel chair and her daughter. My nurse which was with me spoke to the people under the tent and explained our situation and they kindly let me pul

Loose translation of Informador article:


GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (30 / SEP / 2016) .- After a week of blockades, parking Guadalajara International Airport is released from today by ejidatarios of El Zapote, who demand payment of two thousand 600 million pesos the federal authority for their expropriated to build the terminal lands.

Nicolas Vega Pedroza, president of the ejido, reported that withdrew the camp in exchange for a meeting with federal authorities of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) in Mexico City; there alternatives and agreements will be defined for payment.

After four hours of negotiations with the General Secretariat of Government of Jalisco, Vega Pedroza said that rely on having a favorable response by paying their lands.

"It's getting a minute where signed agreements remain to be fulfilled; why go to Mexico City with instances that can ultimately solve the problem, "said ejidatario.

For his part, Secretary General of Government, Roberto Lopez Lara, reported that parking will operate from Friday without restriction and at no cost to users.

He said that this measure was agreed in conjunction with the Pacific Airport Group (GAP) to ease the complications that motorists who attended the air terminal clashed.

The federal authority has reiterated that awaits the response of the court ruled in favor of the ejidatarios to detail the scope of the payment and the amount, they insist, is less than what they ask.

"In this case, the Ejido El Zapote is right and look for the alternative that is better and as close to that this sentence is completed in its fully," said Lopez Lara.

While the agreements are established, a delegation of ejidatarios remain in the parking lot and the entry of international departures, without interrupting the operations of the airport.


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I was at the airport this morning and there were no problems. I will be there again tomorrow morning and there was no problem.}

Meanwhile this morning the organization I work with took some people to Tonala bus station to return to Michoacan and all buses companies cancelled their trips and reimbursed the tickets. The cab ride to Michoacan was 6000 PESOS--

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This morning everything was ok at the airport. The ejido has declared that the parking lot would be free until the government pay them..I hope it is true we could all enjoy free parking for a while.. It was free this morning.

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Any updates as things change would be appreciated. I have to pick up somebody this evening... would be good to know in advance if I will be able to get there, or if they will need to walk somewhere and meet me. Thanks!



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Anything new with protests at the airport? I'm going there Saturday evening and wondered if I should anticipate any problems. Comments from anybody who has been there lately or heard any news? Thanks.


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I took someone to the a/p yesterday morning about 11:30 and parked in a lot just before the entrance to the parking garage. Free. I did see cars and taxis dropping people off at the terminal.

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