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Hello Dog Lovers,

My name is Pinto and I am a 51/2 month old Chihuahua who needs a loving family. I was found on the carretera when I ran out in front of a car. I am very lucky to be alive. My human rescuer took me to the vet to have a check up. I am healthy but had some fleas and was very skinny. I only weight 41/2 pounds. I had a nice warm bath, flea treatment and my first shots to protect me from getting sick. Then I came home to my foster family and was greeted by lots of curious dogs. At first I was a little nervous but now I just love having brothers and sisters. I think I annoy them a little because I'm still a puppy and I want to play all day. My foster Mom taught me all about a crate and how it is my safe place and my sleeping quarters. She is teaching me to do my business outside in the garden and I'm learning. Sometimes I still get excited and pee a little in the wrong place. With a little more time and a stronger bladder, I’m sure that I will be better. I don’t bark a lot and I love to cuddle and sleep in someone’s lap. I am sleeping on my Mom’s lap right now while she types this letter. We had a long walk earlier and I'm a little tired.  
My foster Mom would love to keep me but she has 8 dogs already and really wants me to have lots of love and attention. I still need more vaccinations and to be neutered. If you or anyone you know might be willing to adopt me, please call Donna at 376-766-3364. I would love to meet you. 
Thanks for listening to my story. 






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