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Denny's at Holiday Inn Express

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Stopped for lunch at the newly opened Denny's at the Hampton Inn/Holiday Inn complex just south of the Periferico & Chapala Hwy. junction yesterday.  It was their 1 month anniversary since opening and I wanted to see how they are doing.  Very pleasant surprise - the service was very good and the food quality excellent.  I'd rank it better than many Denny's I have been to NOB.  Typically familiar menu selections with a bit of a Mexican spin as you would expect in this market but with the salt & pepper and Heinz ketchup on the tables.  I had the Grand Slamwich ($129) and my co-diner had a half serving of the Nachos ($82).  The coffee was very good and the same endless cup as NOB.  We were both stuffed and happy when we were done.  Lots of staff - looks like they are still doing some training.  I'll be back.

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Nope, Chili's is still there and attached to the Hampton Inn.  The Holiday Inn Express is new and has the Denny's at the front of it - all in the same complex/entrance on the west side of the Carretera.

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This is a little off topic - but it does involve Denny's Guadalajara. My family was on vacation in 1974, and Denny's Guadalajara advertised an "American Thanksgiving Special". I still remember that it was terrible, a sort of Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday treat they would prepare in State prisons. Gay friends in Puerto Vallarta told me, much later, that this Denny's was a very popular meeting place for the Guadalajaran Gay community. It was clean, safe, open 24 hours a day, no macho drunks. It would be another 20 years before Gay orientated nightclubs were (barely) tolerated by local police in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.

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