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We have a friend from the US looking to do some pet sitting.  She has a veterinary background & farming background.  She's great with plants as well.  She is also fluent in Spanish.  Please let me know if you know anyone needing her services.  She will pet sit in exchange for a place to stay.

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18 hours ago, Sorin said:

I am going away from sept. 16 until October. 7.  Am desperately looking for someone taking care of my 2 cats.  Can live in my house for free.  I live in Riberas del Pilar. 765-2628.

She will do it for you.  We are currently out of the area, however, we will be back there on Wednesday and can meet with you anytime after that.  You will like her.  She was with the Peace Corps and has lived in many places and much experience with animals, gardening, etc. and is a very sweet person.   I sent you a private message.  I don't know if you saw it.  I will call you upon our arrival.  We will be back there late Wednesday afternoon.

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