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Second visit to Maquina 425 today.  My wife and I went for lunch a month ago.  We thought it was exceptional in price, presentation and service.  Returned for breakfast today.  Even more impressed after today's visit.  There was nothing they could have done to make it any better.  It was simply a terrific experience.  The owner Maria makes you feel very welcome the moment you arrive. Oh ...the location is on the Carreterra in San Antonio.  It is in the same building as Papeleria Trinidad, only upstairs.  Years ago it was called The Thirsty Turtle location.  The restaurant is very clean and many potted plants compliment the railroad theme well.  The view is fabulous and the table arrangement is spacious to make it very comfortable.  I have received service such as they provided very seldom in a lifetime of eating out.  I accidentally kicked the table when moving my chair and a half teaspoon of coffee spilled from my cup onto the saucer.  It was no big deal.  Somehow a waitress must have noticed from ten yards away.  Within 15 seconds she appeared with a dry saucer and a new napkin.  We ate the basket of bread and were asked if we would like another.  Our coffee and tea were refilled quickly without having to ask.  I had breakfast enchiladas with a savory brown sauce never experienced Lakeside.  My wife had an omelette also with a very nice topping Mexican red sauce.  The entrees were about 65 pesos each and were both excellent in presentation and flavor.  I have never written a restaurant recommendation before, but I felt compelled to do this one for the following reasons.  1) Because of their upstairs location many people don't notice that they are even there.  So I wanted other people to know about this great find to help ensure their opportunity for success. 2) I have never received better service in any restaurant anywhere in the world.  3) The food and beverages were excellent as were the prices.  4) If you try it you will consider me an amigo for directing you to a well kept secret.  Enjoy, I know you will.

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Thank you for your recommendation.  Many of us are on the lookout for new restaurant experiences and this sounds like a good one.

Now, can you tell us what days they are open, the hours and possibly, a rough description of the sort of menu items that are served and if they are open for lunch and dinner as well as breakfast?  When you next return there (and it sounds like you will) could you suggest to the owner that they post their menu on the restaurant happenings forum section here?  This seems to help create new patrons for all the other restaurants who go that route.  At least people will go and try it.


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I went again this morning. I just saw some questions here when I got home. I don't know when they close. I have been there on a Sunday and a Saturday.  Mexican menu. Yes, open for breakfast. Yes steep steps.

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