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Current local taxi rates

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I have a guest who will be here for three weeks. At times he will need a taxi. Does anyone know what the "current" taxi rates are around Lakeside? I live on the east side of Riberas and he would be going to Chapala or the west side of Ajijic (near Rio Bravo). I saw prices posted in an article from 2014, but I doubt they are still correct. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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The cab drivers here play big games with the prices and take advantage of tourist. A month ago there was sn article saying Uber was coming to Guadalajara as well as a new startup called Cabify. Does anyone know if either of these are Lakeside now? Yiu might also find that you could make a deal with someone like the Miramontes for a number of rides. 

Miramontes family
Francisco 045-333-157-8060
Luis 045-331-307-8289
Miguel 045-331-095-2185
Paulo 045-331-171-0639

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I've had the same ridiculous taxi prices; airport runs worst of all.  These local drivers, not taxis, pay no taxes or benefits or hacienda, nothing, and, for the most part are on a par with taxis.    Uber is available in Guadalajara but as yet not here.  I checked yesterday.   Hopefully soon as Geezer is right on with his comments.

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