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More on Vallarta kidnappings

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Here's an interesting take on the kidnappings. Reading between the lines you could almost believe the Jalisco cartel assisted Chapo's escape and were sending a message that they expected to be "paid" for their help.



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A game we play in the pool, one person blindfolded: "Narco!" The other people: "Cholo!"  

I'm seriously curious: can you tell me how to recognize a "narco", please, and where they hang out in such a fashion that you know this?

You like your plan, you keep it, you like your doc, you keep him - and save $2500 a year. You like your cartel, you keep them.

This was posted on another board. It is interesting but I make no claim of it's accuracy.


" Chapos boys tried to sneak into vallarta for some R&R and got caught...three of them..
Chapos partner orchestrated one of the best chess moves EVER!!
Menchos kid is in jail in Oaxaca on drug dealing charges. The Sinaloa cattle went into the jail, basically kidnapped Menchos kid, sent a photo to Mencho showing they had him, and saying that whatever might happen to chapos kids will happen three times worse to this kid...
Chapos kids released...

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