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If it plays, it should be easy.

If your CD player has a tray where you put the CD and the whole tray goes in and out....

Somewhere on the front should be a small hole.  Straighten out a paper clip and insert it gently into the hole.  It should work with the drive off.  There's a little lever in there that should release the tray.  

The lever should be within an inch of the front of the drive and you should be able to feel a click when it releases.  CD doesn't have to be on for this to work.

You should be able to feel when you hit the lever and then you should be able to feel the lever give.  The tray should release and pop out about 1/2".  

If you have one that "eats" the CD (no tray) then it may be more difficult.  The switch could be bad or the eject mechanism could be bad.

Go on GOOGLE and look for help.  Some Drives have an emergency sequence to bypass the switch.  If the actual eject mechanism has broken, the only way to get the CD out is to disassemble the unit.

Repair will probably cost as much as replacement.

If you have a Honda, check the owners manual because some Hondas used the radio buttons for some kind of programming.  Replace the whole radio/CD with anything but a Honda radio can cause problems of some kind.



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A car CD player can also be forced to eject, by sliding a second CD into the slot underneath the existing disc. Just did this last week in someone's Honda, because there is no release hole. You don't put it all the way in, but maybe 1/3, and push up. I've had to do it more than once even in my own car.

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