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New Restaruant in Ixtlahaucan

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We tried the Ixtlahuacan Italian/Mexican restaurant today and found it to be excellent.

We ate pasta with pesto/chicken and lasagna.. We also had tortilla soup. All excellent and

more than reasonably priced.

The place is called Alberelli and is located on the south side of Ixtlahuacan,

Av. del Trabajo #165.Phone: 333 903 0338

To reach the restaurant from Chapala take the retouro for Ixtlahaucan and proceed south

past  the Pemex. Traveling in the lateral, in  the second block turn right and you will see

Alberelli´s  sign on the wall on your left. The sign is a bit misleading as the arrow points straight ahead and you really must turn left after one block In summary, turn right off the southbound

carretera, pass one block, then immediately turn left, proceed 75 yards? and look for their parking lot entrance on your left.

They are open 7 days a week, daily at 3PM.....on Sunday they open at 9AM for a Sunday buffet.

The menu includes a number of Italian dishes including pizza.

The manager is a woman who used to work at Cinco Potrillos and pursued Culinary studies in Guadalajara. I endorse this establishment.


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On the way coming back to Lakeside from the direction of the airport we decided to find Alberelli's.  It was an easy find.

Immediately past the Pemex station bear right onto the lateral.

At the first corner you will see a yellow building with a brown trim around the bottom.

Turn right..  You will see another building of the same color combination at the end of the block.  That is the restaurant.  Turn left when you get to it as the front is around the corner.  There is off street parking just past the building and a garden as they seem to have inside and outside dining.

It looked very inviting and will try it out shortly.  Most days it opens at 2:00.

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We went there last night, now easier to find as they have sign on lateral,  The pizza , with crispy crust, and the Lasagna was the best we ever had anywhere, My partner had steak, baquette with wonderful sauce and chunky grilled potatoes with chili pepper coating,  the Margaritas were outstanding and twice the size of local ones, dinner for two was a bargain at less than 300 pesos

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2 hours ago, artsnob said:

  The pizza , with crispy crust, and the Lasagna was the best we ever had anywhere, 

Unless they changed it from when we went there about 3 weeks ago the pizza was one of the worst that I've had down here. The crust had the look of cardboard and the taste wasn't far off. I'll have to try their other offerings. Was really hoping for a good pizza that was closer to where we live.

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We ordered a sausage and pepperoni, the crust was about a 1/4" thick and not crispy at all. The bottom of the crust looked like it had a waffle pattern on it. More like a pizza that was mass produced. Maybe if we try something different, willing to give them another try.

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