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Jalisco Lisense Plate for a Homebuilt Trailer

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Am planning on building a small utility trailer for use moving stuff around.  How does one obtain a legal plate for a home built here?  Anybody ever done it?

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Finally got this figured out and thought I would pass it along in case anybody else ever needs to know how to do it.  In Jalisco, you need a "factura" from somebody to get a licence plate for anything - so you can't just walk in and buy a licence plate for a homemade trailer.  The "factura" is the means by which SAT gets the IVA (sales tax) for the transaction (in this case the cost to guild the thing which is double taxation if you already paid IVA on the steel, etc.).  To get one, you have to have a welder who has a registered business do up a "factura" for you.  Then you take the paperwork and all the usual ID to the "Oficina de Recaudacion Fiscal" in your local jurisdiction and plunk down $2,120 MX to get it put in the system and issue the plates and a hologram for your "factura".  Depending on which office you go to, they may or may not issue it without some sort of VIN# or number identifier for the trailer.  Apparently some locations require you to take the trailer to the inspection location before they will issue the plates.  Truly a hassle when compared to how easy it is to do NOB.  What I don't know yet is if you have to also pay an annual "renewal" fee on the plate because they do give you a peel off sticker for the windshield the same as they do a car but not the sticker with the plate# on it that people normally put on a side window.

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