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We Wuz Robbed Again Last Night

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Got the call at 7:00 AM this morning from Robert and Nikki as they were there to start prepping for their service.

When Robert went to put in the code for the alarm the keypad was torn out of the wall. We have no idea how they got by the improved system, ie new contacts, covering entry ways with rebar etc. but they did. The alarm was not on ie not going off. This time they took no liquor and since the last time we remove all the money each evening. They did however again take our tablets and our music system.

We know the alarm didn't go off because if it had the neighbors always call us immediately.

If any of you know Ajijic's Sherlock Holmes please have him contact us @ 108 0887.


PS we have contacted SOS who redid the work after the last robbery.











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