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I have a feeling that the satistic are the tip of the iceberg, as there is nothing that can be done many people just stay home and nothing is reported. I warned my neighbor 2 weeks ago and now he has the symtoms..is it dengue or not who knows but it sure looks like it..if he does not get tested he is just another person that wil not be relected in the statistic..My gardener just told me that a couple of people in his family just came down with it..from the people i meet and know  I just see the dengue continuing..wether it is increasing or not I do not know but it does not seem it is slowing down.

I do not remember a year when I knew so many people who got it..maybe it is just my perception but there is a lot of it.

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I caught it in Zihua about 8 years ago.  Worst I've ever felt. The body ache was intolerable.  Remember that the weight of the bed sheets on me hurt.  Two weeks sicker than a dog and did not feel normal for another 2 months.  Nothing works for me as a repellent.  I'd bathe in deet and it was like putting frosting on the cake for the moskos.  

I was under the understanding that the mosquito that carries Dengue could not live at the elevation of Lakeside.  One of the reasons I chose to settle here.  Obviously wrong information.

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The bad thing is that if you get it again from a different strain, that is when you get the dangerous kind. So, if you have had it, be extra careful.

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2 minutes ago, Hud said:

The bad thing is that if you get it again from a different strain, that is when you get the dangerous kind. So, if you have had it, be extra careful.

What you explain Hud is how I understand it. It was explained to me that there are 4 strains, 2 classic and 2 hemorrhagic.  You can only get each of the strains once, then you become immune to that specific strain.  So once you've exhaust the classic versions, then you only have the hemorrhagic versions to look forward to.  I'm not certain that this information is correct or not either.  Would be interesting to hear from someone that could confirm or refute.

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Dengue Facts
1.  There are 4 strains of Dengue Virus:  DENV1, DENV2, DENV3, and DENV4.

2.  ALL 4 strains can/may lead to hemorrhagic symptoms in severe cases.  For that reason, watch Dengue patients carefully on Days 4 - 7 after the onset of fever (Day 1).

3.  90% of first time Dengue Virus infections show few symptoms or no symptoms.

4.  Infection by 1 of 4 Dengue strains gives protection against only that strain for 4 months.  

5.  It is possible to become infected by the other 3 strains during the meantime, and re-infection by the first strain is possible after 4 months.   

6.  Prior Dengue infections  almost universally cause any subsequent Dengue infections to have far worse symptoms with every reoccurence.   A single Dengue infection interferes with our subsequent immune responses to new Dengue infections, (see ADE theory for more details).
Each new  subsequent infection produces more severe symptoms, increasing the chances of possibly fatal Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) symptoms or Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS). (See Subneutralizing Antibodies for more details).

7.  Dengue infections take several forms:  No noted symptoms, ... mild symptoms like just a rash, ... flu-like symptoms, ... distinctive pain behind the eyes, ... high fevers (104ºF or 40ºC), or .... light bleeding from the nose or gums,  which sometimes transitions to:

a.  Potentially fatal Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) symptoms with bleeding from the eyes,   under the skin,  shock,   and GI bleeding that appears as vomiting congealed blood (looks like coffee grounds),  and abdominal pain with bleeding into the Gastro-Intestinal Tract.

8.  If you suspect a Dengue infection, do NOT take aspirin or NSAIDs (Alleve, Motrin, Advil, etc) or blood thinners like Warfarin/Coumadin, because blood thinners (like NSAIDs) can trigger catastrophic DHF bleeding. {

Instead Use Tylenol for pain .... and reduce high fevers (>104ºF or 40ºC) with cool compresses or lukewarm baths.  People taking blood thinners like Coumadin (warfarin) or Methotrexate should contact their physician to see if they should temporarily stop taking their meds.

9.  There can be as little as 4 days and as many as up to 3 week delay between the mosquito bite and onset of Dengue symptoms.  

10.  The key days for getting the Dengue “NS-1 test” are DAYS 1 -4 after onset of fever/symptoms.

11.  PRIMARY DENGUE INFECTIONS (First-Time Offenders):
It can be helpful to get tested for Dengue between Days 1 – 4, for NS-1 & platelet counts.  That way you know to pay special attention between Days 4-7 for the possibility of DHF or DSS symptoms.

12.  SECONDARY DENGUE INFECTIONS (Infected people who have already had a prior Dengue Infection):
In contrast to the NS-1 test, some commonly-used other lab-tests  do not detect Dengue until Day 10 after onset of symptoms, because prior Dengue infections heavily interfere with the patient’s immune response to the new infection.

These 12 facts are based on 30 years of Dengue research... and fit with all WHO, PAHO, & CDC guidelines.


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Dengue Control Measures:
1.  The Dengue carrying mosquitoes Aedes aegypti (A. ae) need only a teaspoon of water that doesn’t evaporate for one week to convert eggs to free-flying adults at summer temperatures.

2.  They (A. ae. mosquitos) prefer clean water residues, like rain water in tinacos, bits of discarded plastic or styrofoam, flower pots, rubbish piles, old tires, old pipes, junk, rain water in unattended swimming pools, sink & floor drains, etc.

3.  The best methods for reducing Dengue risks is to kill or exclude mosquitoes (using screens) from living areas. When outside wear long pants and socks or use a repellent.

4.  Dengue’s transmission cycle can be broken by mosquito breeding controls: 
Seal or invert containers, ... put mosquito eating fish (gambusia, mollies, guppies, et al) into ponds or fountains .... or treat with Abate ... or ammonia, chlorine, or copper.   Finally:  Eliminate even small amounts of water that stands for a week or more.

5.    Once an A.ae. adult female gets Dengue virus, they can transmit it through biting humans for the rest of their little lives: 1 month – 6 months.

6.  Dengue Transmission occurs as a chain of events.  Break just one link of the chain and Dengue transmission ends.

a.  Uninfected female A. ae. finds febrile Dengue infected Human.
b.  Female A. ae. bites the febrile Dengue Human.
c.  Female A. ae mosquito hides and rests for 3-4 days.
d.  Dengue virus moves into the A. ae. mosquito’s salivary glands.
e.  Female A. ae. mosquito lays eggs in water.
f.  The now Dengue-infected female A. ae. mosquito finds human and bites human.
g.  Mosquito eggs hatch and develop into adults in 7 days at Yucatan temperatures.
h.  Newly hatched female mosquito has sex with male mosquitoes.
i.  infected female goes in search of new blood meals, possibly infecting the person she bites.

If you break or interrupt any single link in this chain, Dengue transmission stops.

The same sorts of facts also apply to Chikungunya  and Zika virus infections.

Thanks to Yucalandia.com for all this Dengue information.  
Here's a link to more details:

Chikungunya, Zika & Dengue Virus Information

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After reading all this, I'm pretty certain that I've had it for several weeks but it is a mild case.

I have arthritis and hurt a lot anyway and take aspirin.  I thought I had the flu with chills and fever and the extra pains were due to the weather changing.   I noticed extra bruising and cut the aspirin out which was a good thing for the wrong reason.

I've had it for 3-4 weeks and I still feel like I just can't get my battery to charge up.  Still have fatigue.

My maids daughter has it and is in the clinic with an IV in her arm, so I guess that I'm lucky.

I live in upper Villa Nova


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Unfortunately, jrm may be one of the Dengue patients that experiences weeks to months of fatigue after a Dengue infection - so  - joint and fatigue symptoms that last more than 7-10 days can be characteristic of Dengue.   

Typhoid generally includes abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and when a typhoid infection goes untreated for several weeks, it often includes intestinal bleeding.   jrm did not mention GI symptioms.

I am not prescribing treatment, just noting that jrm's symptoms are more characteristic of Dengue.than typhoid.


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My wife and I just got back from the hospital on the carretera to Jocotepec. She was diagnosed with Dengue. We live off of La Paz in San Antonio, and frequent Riberas, Calle Santa Margarita. Be advised it is in the area! -


The doctor told me that El Chante is the worst at the moment, but that it is all over the lakeside. 

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Does not hurt to be sure and see a DR.  My son had thyphoid and never had any GI symptoms..he also had parasites and no Sx's at all. so take heed..

I have had dengue...and hope to never have it again, and I did have GI symptoms along with all the other sx's, big one being pain behind the eyes. 

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