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English language radio station

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2 hours ago, Mexiken said:

Is there still an English language radio station or program from Guadalajara?

Why not get a WiFi radio and you can have more stations than you could ever want?



Actually available here at Bestbuy for the same price as US purchase.

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Ten or more years go there was a station that had some English programming. And during the last three or so years a snow bird would rebroadcast an internet feed of WBUR, Boston PBS at about 107.1 on the FM dial from a very low wattage radio that one could pick up in the greater Ajijic area .

my favorite WiFi App is Tunein Radio that I have on both my iPhone and on my laptop. http://tunein.com

Another option is Shaw Direct satellite. They rebroadcast radio stations from many Canadian cities and from I US city, Spokane, WA.

Or there is always SiriusXM radio via a very very small satellite dish that can be placed in/on your car or your home  www.siriusxm.com/

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Is it English speaking announcers you are looking for, or English language music? There are three stations which play a lot of English songs (which surprises me, coming so many years of enforced national content in Canada). There is a University station in Ocatlan, to the Southwest of us with no mountains. Their call sign is 107.9, and they play a very eclectic mix of electronic, traditional Mexican, 80's pop synth. On Saturday afternoons they even have a one hour show with young girls as DJ's. There are some bad shows, and bad DJ's, but they kind of become an "in joke" after a while and it fits into the quirky charm of Mexico very well. The other stations are recycled English language rock hits from the last twenty years. The announcers speak very quickly, and there are screaching commercials - sort of like up north - right?

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Radio Imagen, on 90,5 FM, English news/living in Mexico by Ana Maria Salazar :

Monday - Saturday : 5:30 am / Saturday : 7:00 am / Sunday : 10 am



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17 hours ago, johanson said:

Yes that is the program  I mentioned in my post above. I didn't know Ana Maria was still on the air. Thanks for letting us know, Rony,

Yes, for over 10 years now. You are welcome.

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