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Help needed, siamese cat up for adoption

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6 years ago my wife rescued a cat, it turned out to be a male siamese cat, I used to live in Chapala and had a house with a medium sized backyard and the cat lived a happy life.

For personal reasons, 6 months ago, I moved to GDL , my house is somewhat small with no backyard and only a small 20 ft by 10 ft patio, we already have 1 pug and 2 Chihuahuas, but anyway we brought the cat to our new home, but now we realize we are unable to keep the cat and I want to put him up for adoption.

It Is a 6yr old male siamese,medium sized, neutered, he used to live with dogs but it somewhat shy but not agressive, it's an excedllent hunter and catches birds, small rats and lizards, he is excellent for pest control.

I know the cat will have a better life at lakeside than he will in Guad.

Is there a place where I can take the cat and put him up for adoption?

Or, is someone in this forum interested in adopting a siamese cat?


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Maya, this would be good news to the OP. Just in case it might move things along fast, do you know how to PM him? Just click on his name and you'll be able to send him a message through this forum. Good luck to all, cat included.


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