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Hello everyone!!

This our first post here on the Chapala Web Board, so let us introduce ourselves…

We are Burgueria De La Ribera, a classic burger joint, just like the ones you used to know back home. 

We offer 15 different kinds of burgers — from our Classic Cheeseburger to our new Peanut Butter Bacon Burger, from beef to fish to chicken and vegetarian burgers, to all of your other favorites too… like chicken wing , fish and chips, draft beer, craft beer, and more!

We are located at Morelos (Colón) 5D, just a few meters away from the dock at the Ajijic malecón.






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7 hours ago, Solfeggio said:

I hear you have live entertainment too. Can you tell us the lineup??


Tomorrow night (Saturday 2nd of july) Daniel Cordero is going to perform for us, its a one-man-band performer. 
acoustic rock, he has a repertory of about 800 songs english and spanish, rock, pop, reggae, funk... and from the 50`s to this days.

we are still looking for something interesting to offer next Saturday, but will keep you inform of who is coming


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Was not a complaint, or a comment on anyone's linguistic abilities... just thought it was apropos and funny. You should save the word, because it's new and it's all yours, for now... I think it's a great word.

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