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If one can leave with a 10 year TIP then what is the difference in leaving without your vehicle which has  a 180 day TIP? Pls do not quote Steve to me geesh that is that last person I would belie

Say I am managing my stay by having to return to the border every 6 months to renew the FMM. It seems obvious from what I read that you cannot just fly to the border, get a new FMM, and come back expe

I believe that those who deal with the law and assist foreigners with various paper work have said that is not the case, RV. I would think that a person here would take the word of someone like that o

13 hours ago, telcoman said:

I think I may have my partner call the contact sonya mentioned and see if there is anyway to get that in writing

Why get information from a 3 year old thread?

Things like laws change daily here and a good contact from three years ago may not be a good contact today.

Contact Sonia directly with today's question for accurate up-to-date information.

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