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Bancomer ATM at Walmart out of service

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The peso has dropped against USD from about 18.10 last Wednesday to 18.83 today. The ATM at CI Banco was also out of order this weekend. Could be some folks stocking up on pesos while the rates are in our favor.

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It's been out of order for a week or so. The glass of the booth closest to Domino's was broken (how?) and still is.

I believe there is a new ATM machine. The cement around it is all new. Last time I checked, the mirror part above the screen still has the tape over it.

What happened to it is unknown. Last Thursday, there was a note saying it would be functional as of June 10, 2016 (last Friday) but as of Saturday morning, that sign was removed and still no functioning ATM.

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On 6/14/2016 at 7:29 AM, Lulugirl said:

Are you talking about the Scotia ATM or the Bancomer in Walmart?  The Bancomer ATM hasn;t been broken for a week since I got money out of it on Friday.

Both the Bancomer and the Banamex machines at Walmart were out of cash at the weekend. So was CI Banco in Plaza Laguna Centro.  Banamex and Bancomer working today.  Scotia machine by Hernandez Real Estate still not up and running.

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