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Telmex future speed discussion

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Went to Telmex to pay my bill and ask when higher speeds are coming for internet.  To my surprise he told me faster speeds are coming. Probably end of year but it depends where you are.  Not sure what price below includes but the speed numbers are interesting.  Note this is why some are getting 5 and some 10. For example I can only get 5 now in my hood but others will get 10 for same price.  Be patient is what the gentleman told me.  Now I live in upper Ajijic and your mileage may vary due to where you live but this is all good news to me. He also verified the VDSL info on other posts regarding modems and line speeds that have been going on.

This info below is from the Telmex  advertisement  I have in my hand. Other speeds available but I picked the highlights.

Up to 10 Mbps    389P/mo
Up to 20 Mbps    599P/mo
Up to 100 Mbps  999P/mo

Right now I am getting 5 Mbps or my 389P package and my 10Mbps  Telecable costs 600P for comparision.

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Telmex has been advertising these speed packages for a long time. Their intentions seem to be in line with the big boys like Megacable in Guadalajara that advertise 50mb service for $599, 100mb for $799 and 200mb for $999.

With some people already getting 20mb and the appearance of VDSL modems it sure seems like Telmex will finally be able to deliver their advertised speeds at some point in the future.

The other side benefit is that Telecable/Izzi may have to wake up from their deep sleep and start competing. They strung fiber optic cable along the carretera quite a long time ago so they too are positioned to deliver speeds similar to Megacable in Guadalajara.

Sometimes it seems like a race for last place between Telmex and Telecable.

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Good luck with the Telmex news. They've been giving me the same time frames, 2 to 6 months for several years.

I just signed up with Telecable as a back up. They're 5.7 mbps is almost double my Telmex speed.

Telecable says they will be offering 5, 8, 10 and 15 mbps packages from Aug through Dec, but before the end of the year. I know nothing about their veracity, so don't shoot the messenger. I'm just hoping for the best, since Telmex can only give me 3.

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