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We visited Armando's the other night after not eating there for quite awhile. As usual, our experience was wonderful. As far as I'm concerned his steaks & caesar salad are the best in town. Not to mention his wonderful desserts. I think a lot of us forget about the truly great eating establishments lakeside. If you've never been there, give him a try. Wonderful food & great service with everything prepared table-side.




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Absolutely the best dining experience available - go for it - especially for a romantic special occasion.  Modest prices for excellent food and very nice table service.  You may even be serenaded if Armando still sings for customers on special occasions.

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Another very pleasant experience at Armando's on the weekend. Fine service, fine tableware, good food. Watching him prepare Caesar salad and flambéed meals is a great time. From the hot, scented towels and home-made croissants, to the individual meals, all very worthwhile. And of course a quiet, romantic atmosphere, fire burning low... totally relaxing. Armando's nephew was out waiter: quite the family resemblance, and while he is new at the job, he is earnest and dedicated.

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