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1 hour ago, johnkz said:

I see Tom's Bar on Constitucion now has a facebook page.  I thought they closed.  Does Tom still own it?  Is he in Ajijic?

Last I heard, he was no longer in town.  The place has been closed for some time now.  I drive by there often on my way home, and there's been no sign of activity, nor does it have either a "for sale" or "for rent" sign out.  Maybe someone has more information.

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Never noticed Tom's to have much going on at all.  Basically, I think he killed the place by flouting the smoking laws.  It really went downhill in the last year before it closed.  We used to go there when we first moved here because they had decent bar food, cold beer and good sports on the big TVs.  It was a convivial neighborhood bar.

Since all the places allowed smoking at that time, we just put up with it.

After the smoking laws came in, the much larger group of non smokers including us stopped going there because Tom, who was a heavy smoker himself, ignored the smoking law and that was the beginning of the end.

In its day, it was a pretty good neighborhood watering hole.  It just had the right feel to it.

Gone but not forgotten. :)

Artsnob, drop by and I'll show you what a real nuisance/faux restaurant/bar looks, sounds and smells like.  I suspect solajijic also has one for you too.


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