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Mexican Drivers Licence

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You're able to get the driver's licence here on the lakeside, these people come once a month, to different places like in chapala or Ajijic. You need:

Copy of passport.

Coppy of residence.

Copy of proof of address (CFE bill).

Copy of CURP.

We do licences if you need, and we go with you to get it. (No test required).

Or you can call me and get more details. 3322360053

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On 6/15/2017 at 3:45 PM, Robert Vallem said:

I just got my Mexican License today, my 70th birthday!!!  What a breeze.  Why so easy?  I used Eduardo to drive and translate for me.  I got his name off a Chapala.com blog from back in 2014.  We left early for Guadalajara and battled traffic but he knew the way even around lots of construction that was going on and he helped me to go to the head of every line (about 6 stations for finger prints, test-touch screen in English, pictures etc...), there were may people in front of me but I was over 55 or what ever and we shot through till the end where we waited for the license to be printed out.  About 1 1/2 hours in all.  We stopped for lunch at the Plaza food court at El Tapatios, had a giant burrito, very good $55 pesos! All-in-all quick and painless.  I would recommnend this to anyone who does not speak Spanish well!  $500 pesos and lunch!  Nice guy, good driver and English, been doing this for years.  Eduardo, Cell: 045 331 134 8492. 

Did you have to do a driving test?   My husband has a current driver's license from North of the border and wonders if that would make a difference.

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