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Looking for transportation from TX to Chapala

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I'm new to this forum so if I am not posting in the right spot, I apologize.  My husband and I are moving to Chapala in October 2016.  We had an offer of a ride from a woman but she cannot confirm her availability until August so just in case that doesn't work out, I am looking at alternatives.  It will be my husband and I and 2 small dogs along with about 6 small footlockers with our stuff in them.  I'm pretty sure it would all fit in an SUV type vehicle.  Has anyone ever done this before and if so, what were your experiences and do you know of anyone who does this.  I really, really appreciate your help.  Flying is not an option as our dogs are elderly and we do not want to stress them out.

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I suggest you post this in the Chapala/Ajijc, if you haven't already done so. There are also professional drivers who will do this for you.  Here are some names:

Alex Peterson - I don't have all my contact numbers at my current location. Alex does cross the border.

Francisco Miramontes 376.766.1142, 331 307 8289.  I don't know if he would cross the border.

It would be good to know where you are coming from.  Some may only drive you from the border.

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