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Hello friends, I want to invite you and your friends to live the Festival Gourmet Panorama expirience. 

This will be a great gastronomic event, with the best location in La Ribera de Chapala, Lomas de Chapinaya in Ajijic, in front of La Canacinta, it will be the 14 and 15 of this month.

7 restaurants participating, 2 from Ajijic (La Peña de Santos Rico and El Jardin de Ninette), 4 from Guadalajara (Alariz, Eulogio, El Burgues, and St. Remy, formerly in Ajijic) and 1 from Tequila (La Postera).

There will be 10 wine houses, 10 agave destileries, beer producers, deli area, wine tastings, full bar, 2 stages with national and local musicians, cooking  classes, kids area, and the best view of the lake.

Plus: Maru Toledo and Las Mujeres del Maiz, will be presenting her project as the most important reasercher in the Jalisco Gastronomic history, she will be talking about her book, her documentary film and they will do the entire mole  ceremony. 

You can buy your tickets in pre-sale at: www.boletia.com. under Festival Panorama Gourmet Ajijic., or with Jose Melendrez at the Ajijic Plaza.

Please find some more info @: www.gourmetpanorama.com

Hope to see you there.

Oscar Perez.

El Jardín de Ninette


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