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For anyone interested in buying laying hens gallina ponedora, there is a large supplier in Tonala.  Via facebook, cell or website you can actually contact them directly, they answer promptly and have a huge supply of meat birds and Rhode Island Red hens.   Chicks to 16 weeks with vaccines.  We were quoted 80 pesos per 16 week laying hen.  They deliver.  :D   Get your maid or a friend to help you if you don't speak Spanish.



  • Venta de jaulas de postura, pollas de ponedoras de un dia o desarrolladas, pollo de engordé, pavo, codorniz, jaulas de perros y gatos,

    Celular 331-546-3149
  • Products
    * Jaulas de postura
    * Jaulas para mascotas (perros, gatos, conejos,etc etc.)
    * Pollas de postura
    * Pollo de engorda
    * Codorniz
    * Pato
    * Pavo
  • Phone
    01 33 1546 3149
  • Email
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