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On 10/16/2020 at 6:43 AM, HappilyNutz said:

This left me nearly speechless. First, I'm so, so sorry to read about your experience. There is a MAJOR difference between having a bad experience and what appears to be dental malpractice. Like the old cliche, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but there are those on this board who will defend even the indefensible because they didn't experience it, therefore, they're right and you're lying. As a comparison, I went to my dentist, Dra. Rosio at Ajijic Clinic, and asked about an implant because one of my teeth just kept breaking a filling (I'm a grinder at night, guard and all). She could have rubbed her hands together and went "cha-ching!" but she recommended a new type of crown from the on-site 3D printer(?). I really didnt want a crown, but couldn't continue having the tooth repaired, only to break again. Long story short, the crown looks so natural that I had old ones replaced. It looks like I have all of my own natural teeth. I'm over the moon and the cost was so much less than an implant and a heck of a lot less invasive. There are a LOT of amazing dentists in the area, but...

I too had a horrible experience with her and implants. After 3 years of continual infection, I am finally ok now thanks to Dr. Francisco, a dental surgeon here in Rivera's, who did a scraping and bone graft.. stay away from Dr. Candy

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Yes that is about the right time-frame. But my comments were not driven by the tenure of her brother at her dental office but rather the FACT that I had an appointment with HER for a consultation and

I had two front lower teeth implants done by Dr. Candy just a few weeks ago (I came in from houston to have it done). It was the worst experience in my life. AFterwards, I was in extreme pain, and the

Are you saying people who have written of bad experiences are lying? Or that she screwed up a lot years ago but is perfect now? 


I have had crowns and bridges done by Dra. Candy and I have been very pleased with her work. If you have any problems, talk to her. She is very understanding and reasonable.

I just had a root canal done, by her oral surgeon, and she is going to put in an inlay. Current practice is not to put in a crown if possible but an inlay, Dra. Candy told me. I´ll have that work done on Nov 10th.

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