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Buying Laying Hens in Jocotepec

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I recently asked one vendor at the organic market where I could buy some laying hens.  I was told to ask at the feed shop a block from the Jocotepec plaza.  Tomorrow, we're planning on going for it again with the hens and I went onto mercadolibre and the first vendor in Jalisco happens to be in Jocotepec.  Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, Highbrown and abadas(have no idea what that is but says they're in an organic atmosphere.   Has anyone purchased laying hens from this seller to give exact directions or phone number?  In the ad he tells another interested buyer to buy one and he'll send his phone number and address.   He does not ship them.  With 350 chickens, it shouldn't be too hard to find this place, Joco isn't that big. haha

"Pongo a la venta lote de aprox. 350 gallinas de las razas Rhode Island, Plymonth Rock, Highbrown y abadas.  Tienen de 18 a 20 semanas rompiendo postura.   Todas estan vacunadas, muy sanas y muy chulas!!!  Estan criadas en un ambiente organico."



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