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car nationalizations rescinded?


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A friend told me to be careful buying an older-model nationalized car here since a new Mexican law

rescinds some nationalizations that were granted in the past and that those cars will now have to leave Mexico.  Is this true?   I have not found anything online about this, but perhaps I'm not looking in the right place.  Can anyone verify or debunk this or give me a website that lists cars that are approved for nationalization?  I have searched the web board but have not found anything on this topic.

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Only if not legally nationalized. In some areas such as Zihuatanejo the state as recent as January went back and checked cars that had been nationalized. 

Those with proper pedimento and factura whose vehicle is on REPUVE and Aduana's web sites are legal. If a vehicle received plates included in the nationalizing the process is always illegal.







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