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For Lake Chapala Society Members Only

Money management seminars at the Lake Chapala Society

Membership cards required for entrance to seminar

Presented by Tom Zachystal, CFA, CFP



LCS Monday 14 - 10 to 12: Money Management for Expats living in Mexico

Expatriates have specific financial concerns, issues and needs that cannot be addressed properly by a regular broker or financial advisor. Specific risks such as foreign exchange, geopolitical risks and accessibility to funds play a much more crucial role in an Expat financial life. This presentation will explore such issues and present some alternatives that were not available in Ajijic up to now.


LCS: Wednesday 16: 10 am to 12. Money Management for Senior Women living in Mexico

Women have a different relationship with money and investment than men do. Women also have to plan for a longer life expectancy (8.8 years) than men: it therefore is important for women to understand their own investments in order to first feel confident and second to ensure that, while their goals for their loved ones are met, their own financial well-being and independence are also preserved.  This presentation will explore these issues, along with the particular situation of residing overseas and present interesting alternatives that have not been available in Ajijic up to now.

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