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We went to Plaza Las Torres in GDL for a drivers license renewal. Very efficient and closest renewal place to Chapala/Ajijic. Make sure you take all originals with you. You first go to an employee who verifies that all documents are correct. Then a line to pay. Next, you get in line for your renewal/refrendo. Whole process took 30 minutes, it would have been less if we arrived when they opened. No one spoke English the day we were there.
Documents needed for renewal/refrendo. 1 copy and originals:
Curp #
Current utility bill showing your name
Permanente card, temporal card or if you have recently nationalized, voters card
Your license

And don't forget your IMAPAM card if you want the discount!

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Itomgates if you are asking for directions to los aguilas it follows.

On Lazaro Cardenas pass under the yellow milenium arches and take the third exit which is the last exit before you are on the new bridge. Parallel Lazaro Cardenas. After you pass the stop light (the Hotel Rio on the right) take the left u-turn lane under the bridge.  After teh u-turn Go straight (again parallel LC about 1 1/2 block and turn right onto Lopez Mateos Sur. It is about 2.5 miles or 4.4 kilometers to the eagle monuments on both sides. There is an exit to the lateral in front of the eagle and enter the street that curves behind. You will see 3 or 4 public buildings. Just ask someone will point the way.


Remember this location is only for renewals.

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Then, you mean registration renewal, which is done at the office of the Recaudadora on Degollado, in Chapala, near the far end toward the park, on the south side of the street.

License is a drivers license, which may be renewed in Guadalajara if you do not manage to encounter one of the rare visits to Chapala.

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On 2/18/2016 at 9:36 AM, Floradude said:

The last thing we heard on Ocotlan here was that as of 2016 they were not processing people from Chapala.

If this is still true you need to go to GDL. The place is just off of Lazaro Cardenas has been discussed a lot.

The problem was there were two people in collusion to defraud.  One was a female cashier, the other the manager.   They would take your dl and claim it was fraudulently issued in gdl    I never went fir the scam but was involved in having them seek an alternative lifestyle.   At that point they stopped renewals and I believe their defense was foreigners from the Chapala area were buying licenses and not taking tests or driver exams.  That said I do not know if they’re back issuing renewals.  

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