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Sweet spayed female, friendly Dog

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I have had a street dog now for about a week living outside my house in Riberas. The neighborhood is feeding her, so she stays around. Had Pepe spay her and other shots. She is a sweet, sweet dog, ggod with kids and other dogs. You will fall in love with her. I will bring to your house for a visit. Call me at 766-1737 or cell 331=388-8484.

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Mike I know you mean well, but she sounds like she is doing fine. Not starving, healthy, being fed... There are over 200 dogs in local shelters around the lake looking for homes. Most of them are really sweet. We encourage people to only rescue dogs in danger: injured, starving, in dangerous situations. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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Let me clarify a little, as I know a bit about this dog. You are correct, she is not currently in crisis, however, she was. This is a dog that the neighborhood had been feeding for quite awhile. Clearly not owned. The neighborhood pooled their money and got her spayed, but no one in the neighborhood is able to give her a home. What they tried (and are trying) to do is to take care of her without her ever hitting a shelter. Had she come to one of the shelters before she'd been spayed, she would have likely been deemed eligible.

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Sadly there are many dogs who live on the street full time.

However, there are probably more who are in shelters waiting 'their turn' to find an adoptive home.

Each day those who work within a shelter have to make a decision about accepting

a new dog based on:

is there any room to accept it ?

Is the dog in such a terrible at risk situation, that the dog may loose it's life, be harmed in a major way by it's current situation or status of it's health at the moment. ?

It is sort of like a hospital triage evaluation situation for each animal that arrives at a shelter.

Those at higher risk, if there is room, come before those that are being relatively speaking managed well in place.

Sometimes there just is no room to accept a new dog.

You might check to see if the dog can be put on a waiting list to be accepted possibly at a future time.

I am not heartless in saying this, but shelters deal with these harsh realities each day in decision making.

It is a difficult decision at best for those who are in the position to say there is no room, etc.. and can not accept a dog at this time.

The people who were kind, thoughtful and caring to have the dog spayed are to be acknowledged and thanked.

Also for looking after her by proving daily food and water, and a gentle word spoken..

A dog being spayed or not is not an immediate 'pass' acceptance of a dog.

It is the total circumstances the dog is in at that moment that is considered in the acceptance evaluation.

We ideally imagine that each dog should live with a kind and loving person,

within a family setting / home.

But unfortunately, this is not what happens for all dogs, no matter how loving and kind they are.

So each person who loves animals does the best they can to make the life of a street dog ( * ) as comfortable as possible,

while advertising their availability for adoption or awaiting an open available space in a shelter.

(*) making sure the dog is not owned by someone !! .

.it can be that the dog spends it's time on the street and does not live within the wall of an owner's house .

Thanks to those people who make life better for those less fortunate, both human and animal alike.

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