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It has been open for months but check first model years as that has changed, costs as they are up and time plus documents required. .



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With the peso at these levels NOW is the time to go find a Mexican car before the devaluation filters into car prices.

Importing is a huge hassle and very expensive. Just no reason to do it at these exchange rates if you are from the U.S.

This is all about oil and will only last so long. Take advantage of it.

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Friend just did it a few weeks ago in Nogales ..... a 1999 Toyota pickup

He needed an emissions test from US .... not sure about the export stuff

Lic. Oscar Angulo

Email: ancomercial@hotmail.com

AnCo Comercializadora

Mexican Cel: 045 6311 20 10 15

US Cel: (520) 988-1936
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