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TelMex changes their Internet packages... again

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And until they upgrade services in your area, they are correct. However, nothing is stopping you from calling TelMex tech support in Mexico City and telling them you were up to 2.0 and have lost that again, so could they please refresh it? They can do that at their end; no need to go to the office in Ajijic. Call 01-800-123-2222. Push "1" through the barrage of ads and notices, then when you get a live person, ask for someone in English.

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On 2/9/2016 at 4:41 PM, maw7815 said:

I just switched to IUSCell- they are now open at Laguna Mall and I get free long distance cell phone calls in MX, US and Canada. They are an AT&T company that is a big competitor to Telcel! I have a 1 year plan with 2 Gigs/month for data and free data on Facebook! The cost was $1795 for the year. About $8.30 US per month.


I now have a much more functional cell phone due to your post.  Thanks

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