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Hacienda del Lago Happenings and new menu

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With the ever changing exchange rates we have found it increasingly complicated for many of our American and Canadian Clients to do a quick calculation of prices, so we decided to try to make this less taxing. Our new menu features the peso price as well as the prices in US dollars and Canadian dollars. Granted these are estimated based on Exchange rates from the first of the month, but we hope this will help. While we, along with other restaurants in the area, have seen as much as a 40% food cost increase in the past year due to the strong dollar, we continue to do our best to not pass that along to the customers and hope that in the long run prices costs will start to come back down, though not likely.

Our full menu is always updated on our website on our website

For reservations call 766-0685 or on our website here

Our current menu as of February, 2016 is as follows

Latin Fusion Cuisine

The restaurant at Hacienda del Lago is expanding our Traditional Mexican menu to include dishes from all around Latin America. As always we only use the freshest seasonally available local ingredients.

To fully experience the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, unique to Hacienda del Lago, we recommend reservations and that you allow time to enjoy the experience.


Thursday - Saturday 12 pm -11 pm

Sunday 10 am - 4 pm


Telephone: 367-766-0685

Email: sales@haciendadellagoajijic.com

NOTE: For the convenience of our International Clientele, we have included prices in US dollars and Canadian Dollars. Please keep in mind that these are estimates based on exchange rates on February 1, 2016.

Prix Fixe Menu Option

Lunch Special 12 noon - 4pm

Lunch portion of soup or salad

Lunch special of the week

Chef's dessert of the week

250 MXN / 13.50 USD / 19 CAN

Dinner Prix Fixe Available All Day

Choose Any Soup, Salad or Starter

Choice of entrée

Choice of Dessert

450 MXN / 24.50 USD / 34 CAN

Soups, Salads and Starters

Sopa de Chicharron

Chicharron in tomatillo broth, cilantro, and chile ash served with chochoyote

90 MXN / 4.85 USD / 6.85 CAN

Bisque de Ostión Ahumado

Creme of Oysters smoked in their shell with sweet corn, leek and parsley infused olive oil

110 MXN / 6 USD / 8 CAN

Ensalada Yucatan

Mix of Organic greens, octopus, avocado and cherry tomato with roasted garlic & parsley aioli

130 MXN / 7 USD / 9.85 CAN

Ensalada Don Divino

Arugula with local berry and piloncillo reduction, toasted sliver almonds, goat cheese crumbles and confit duck sweet breads

160 MXN / 8.65 USD / 12 CAN

Tuétano, "Mexican Foie Gras"

Broiled bone marrow served with tortillas, onion, green chiles & cilantro
165 MXN / 8.95 USD / 12.50 CAN

Ostiones al Tabasco

Fresh Oysters on the half shell with a touch of Tabasco and lime (both served on the side)
Order of 6 - 95 MXN / 5 USD / 7 CAN

Order of 12 - 180 MXN / 9.75 USD / 13.50 CAN

Provoleta Asada

Grilled Provoleta cheese served in an iron skillet and topped with homemade chimichurri

150 MXN / 8 USD / 11.45 CAN

Pulpo Adobado

Octopus marinate in three chile adobo and grilled to perfection served with lemon potatoes

180 MXN / 9.75 USD / 13.50 CAN

Ceviche Caribeño

Ceviche of tuna, octopus, prawns or mixed: with watermelon, cucumber, avocado and cilantro infused olive oil. Served with mango habanero sauce and house-made chipotle & Nopal tortilla chips
190 MXN / 10 USD / 14 CAN


All entrées include choice of side. Additional sides available for 50 pesos more

Magret de Pato con Mole de Naranja

Duck Magret pan seared and finished in the oven to a perfect medium center with an orange mole glaze

285 MXN / 15.50 USD / 21.50 CAN

Arrachera de Avestruz

Ostrich Filet marinated and stuffed with polenta then topped with a wild mushroom, blue cheese and port reduction

245 MXN / 13 USD / 18.50 CAN

Mahi-Mahi a la Veracruzana

Mahi-Mahi filet grilled with a traditional Veracruz sauce of olives, capers and garlic butter

190 MXN / 10 USD / 14 CAN

Lomitos de Cordero en Mole Oaxaqueño

Three lamb loin fillets flambéed in mezcal and topped with traditional Oaxaca Mole Sauce

285 MXN / 15.50 USD / 21.50 USD

Atun en Costra de Ajonjoli

Tuna medallion seared with sesame seeds and our house-made caper aioli

210 MXN / 11.50 USD / 15.85 CAN

Salmon al Curry

Wild line caught salmon grilled with a curry and poblano pepper glaze

235 MXN / 12.75 USD / 17.75 CAN


300 grams of perfecto marbled ribeye served with either a spicy horseradish sauce or wild mushrooms with blue cheese and port reduction

320 MXN / 17.50 USD / 24.25 CAN

Risotto de Champiñones

Jumbo Portobella cap grilled and filled with creamy wild mushroom risotto and a touch of black truffle oil.

210 MXN / 11.50 USD / 15.85 CAN


Seasonal Vegetables sauteed in fine herbs and garlic

Baby Cambray potatoes sautéed crispy with garlic, thyme and parsley

Polenta with seasonal vegetables


Grilled Shrimp Skewer

Grilled Chicken filet

Half Soup or Salad

60 MXN / 3 USD / 4.50 CAN


Ask your server for the daily dessert options

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This is our favorite place to dine and we always try to get our out of town guests there before they "escape".

That being said....it does seem that most of the ingredients are probably locally sourced, therefore, the prices should not be very impacted by exchange rates.

One more thing.....I really do wish the serving dishes reflected the ambiance of the property....not those sterile white, flying saucer type being used!

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I guess I am one of the folks who do not understand the logic of a 3 pricing structure..given the "volatile" ex rate , if there is one reason to say it it Pesos it would be we are in Mexico....I am sure more fancy places in Guad , Mexico City and PV do not show 3 prices!!!!! Weird

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Just to clear up any confusion. There isn't a thre tier pricing structure. As stated on the menu, website and this post "NOTE: For the convenience of our International Clientele, we have included prices in US dollars and Canadian Dollars. Please keep in mind that these are estimates based on exchange rates on February 1, 2016." Keep in mind that not everyone lives here or lives here full time and the peso concept can be confusing for many. This is just an estimate to help give people an idea. We decieded to do this because people are always trying to do the conversion, it's just to help them out. ALL PRICES ARE CHARGED AND PAID IN PESOS.

As far as prices. Foof cost has indeed gone up 40%. I was talking to several other restauarnt owners this past week and we had this some conversation. In some cases some basic ingredients have gone up 4 fold.

Here is a video you may find intersting by a Mexican Economist with comparisons of prices in abstos as well as some other basic every day goods.


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Please do not complicate or detract from your great ambiance, service and food...you are going to incur more cost as you have to print new menus as the ex rate changes daily. ..After revisiting NOB, I think the majority of us appreciate the good value we receive from the majority restaurants in the area

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I think one of the reasons, Tony, for your pricing is that perhaps there are folks that don't know this: many of your overnighters are tourists and not from around here, so the pricing probably helps them a lot. I also know a lot of people who are still working on the factor of 10 from some years back, meaning 10p = $1. Quite a shocker to see the actual value is more like $18p = $1, so soon we will be multiplying at the 50 cent level.

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We have had nothign but positive comments from guests this week about our estimated USD and CAN prices. I can't begin to say how many comments we had about how help it has been for American and Canadian clients.

I also want to let everyone know that in addition to our usual Sunday Brunch, we will also open at 6pm on Valentines day for dinner.

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