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marriage ceremony here in March

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Our daughter and fiancé are visiting us here in March and would like to have a marriage ceremony here. It would not be legal. They will be getting married legally when they return to Canada.

I am looking for a minister/judge to conduct a ceremony here at our house in March.

Also am looking for a violinist to play for an hour or so.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks!

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Try Victor Garcia Rodriguez 376-4168 cell 331972-6248 He is very talented He plays in some of the Restaurants You could ask him where he is playing now so you can hear him.

He and his Dad played at my Christmas party./

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When I got married 30 years ago, we had my minister marry us legally with only the children as witnesses. We then proceeded to go to the shore and my parents repeated the ceremony with friends and family. It was lovely to have my Dad read the ceremony we had written.

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We had Katusa, the local Ajijic Shaman perform a very meaningful spiritual 'wedding' ceremony for our daughter and fiancee last December. Their legal ceremony will be in Thailand at a later date.

We also had Carlos and Carlos perform for the wedding supper. They are not violin, but father/son guitar players and singers...very romantic.

It was at the Nueva Posada and Michael Eager took care of the smallest details.

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Our daughter also had a marriage ceremony at Nueva Posada 10 years ago. They had gotten legally married in the U.S. the week before. Her godmother performed the ceremony here and it was very meaningful and moving.

Since you are not really getting married here from a legal perspective it doesn't matter who performs the ceremony. You can pick someone that has a connection to your family or find someone here. Looks like you are getting some recommendations from folks that have been here a while.

You are also getting good recommendations for musicians. We are familiar with the folks that have been recommended and I think you would be happy with any of them.

Although our daughter's legal U.S. marriage date is a week earlier they celebrate their Mexican "wedding" as their anniversary.

Good luck - you really can't go wrong.

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