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Property sale Lakeside in Canadian dollars?


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8 hours ago, horses said:

i am really appalled that people think that all real estate should be in AMERICAN DOLLARS --THIS IS Mexico and all business should be in pesos. PEOPLE are very happy to pay their help in pesos and expect car repairs,etc in pesos ...THIS American dollar real estate business is a scam at Lake side .I know of no other country that does business in a foreign currency..

I guess it is the same in PV and for other properties near the border..the USA $ is the coin of choice...you can always elect to pay in Pesos.....Maybe the Canadian's should start pricing their properties in USA $...given the prices in Vancouver and Toronto that would really make them (CAD) multi millionaires

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Is there some reason Canadians can't price their properties in CAD?  I've not sold a property here so that broad "YOU AMERICANS" is a little ridiculous.  When I bought I figured out the price in USD for the Mexican peso price & paid accordingly..  How difficult is that?  And why are Canadians listing in USD?  Rag on them.

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