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Costco merchandises a lot of US products, so sure the market basket there is going to cost more. Mexicans will either be able to afford US products in their budget or they won't. We won't starve to de

It's not only Costco that has raised prices. I occasionally shop at other supermarkets as well: Superama, Chedraui, and Walmart. Prices in all three of those stores have skyrocketed since the end of

Not all parts of the US resent immigration. In PNW areas we could not live without the Mexicans in many areas of employment. A few years ago anti mexican attitudes reached a peak and the mexicans di

ezpz when the peso goes in the opposite direction do your Mexican helpers charge a lessor amount. Seems fair?


I'll be glad to give you a $ dollar $ every time the peso gets stronger and goes up in value, if you give me a $ dollar $ every-time the peso loses value. ;)

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Walking past Intercam today, I saw that the current average rate between Buy and Sell was over 19 pesos! This is great for us USians. For the Mexicans, it's inflationary, and it affects their household budgets. We USians can help by tipping well, giving raises or little perks to deserving employees, and get out there and spend some pesos locally!

That difference would have had to have been on a $100 usd exchange of buying and/or selling.

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Don't see how they could "sell" you pesos at 19 to the dollar. That must be the "buy" rate. At Costco today I used a Chase MC and got 18.24 on the exchange.

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It does not include the major banks in the US. Mostly credit unions and small banks.

For the people who are having trouble transferring money to here, who can't use FE Exchange and some others, it might be an alternative.

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