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Painter recommendation - Andres


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Andres came to my door today in Las Salvias looking for work. I hadn't yet looked for any info on him but his story seemed plausible. He's been out of work for a couple of weeks and is knocking on doors looking for business since money is tight and he has a family to support. I like that.

I'm going to try him out starting tomorrow on some prepping, painting and salitre repair jobs. (Yes the roof tiles above the damaged area have been recently resealed). I hope it works out OK for both of us.

He did mention that some people posted remarks on the Internet so I'm glad to find some confirmation. He does apparently have yet another cell phone 333-947-1712.

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We love the contractor Raul. Knows how to remove salitre and treat the walls to reduce chance it will comes back. Also looks to try and find what is causing the saltire formation and will

suggest how to fix it. His painters are great as well. Really nice men that don't blast music when the work. Love that part. His cell is 333 459 5533. My name is Arlene you can say I referred you. 

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