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Christmas dinner recommendations?

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We went to Manix this afternoon for their first seating. They also have an evening seating today. There was a delicious roast suckling pig, roast turkey and all the trimmings. It was the best Christmas dinner I've had in years! The restaurant was packed solid!

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Salvador was packing them in yesterday, he must be doing something right.

We had friends that went to Manix and loved it, he also must be doing something right.

The more I travel around Mexico the more I appreciate how rich we are locally in decent to great places to eat out without spending a fortune. This place really is unique in that regard.

We ate with our adopted family and there just is no substitute for superbly done home cooking! But the local restaurant folks sure give it a good go.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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What time were you at Salvador's? We went just before 5 pm and the place was nearly empty. The staff took the opportunity to stack chairs and move tables. The commotion made conversation impossible. I understand that they want to go home, but they could have some consideration for the diners. I think that's the third holiday meal I've had there and they've struck out for several reasons.

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