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Water Softener Salt????

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Yes. As people have said, the cheapest salt can be used for water softener. There are special types that are more expensive, but the extra expense is unnecessary. Available at pool maintenance and supply places.

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FYI I find the pellets don't clump up in my storage box as easily as the rock salt. This may not effect anyone else. Try the rock salt and see if it works well in your storage box if not use pellets right? Do others have problems with the rock salt clumping up in storage box?

Also title was water softener salt so even if the person is at the coast others reading this locally will get good info on locations to buy salt so the posts were appropriate in my opinion. I thought about it before I posted what I posted Sea.

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Call Rodrigo Estrada at Home Solution 766-1192 or 045-331465-8200 Wouldn't dream of dealing with anyone else. You won't find better or more consistent prices nor will you find anyone more knowledgeable. Located just past the Waffle House on the north side of the Carretera as you head west. Has a huge clientele here at Lakeside and a reliable staff.........plus he and/or his staff are always on time!

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