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Hello everyone!

We will be close from the 19 to 27 of december forX-Mas!! We wish you Merry X-Mas and have lots of fun and enjoy all your love ones.?❤️?

But from December 28 doors will be open again! ?


Tuesday 15

A great duo will be @da house! Jimmy Barto and Noe!! For lots of beautiful songs.


Wednesday 16

Yeyyyyy!!!!! Pre-Party for New Years!!!!!!!

Doors will be closed from 3 to 5 but ONLY open for those who have tickets. Chillin' drink and snaks will be given and this is from the house!! Soooo.... Hope everyone will be prepared and have lots of fun!!!

Tropic Heart will be playing!! #latinmusic #dancing #enjoy #food #drinks

After 5 doors will be open again for everybody.

Friday 18

Noe, Paco and Jimmy Barto

Dancing, fun, enjoy!

6:30 pm

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Wednesday we are going to open for our normal hours, just from 3pm to 5pm only people with New Years tickets will be accepted. But befor and after doors are going to be open normal.

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