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Retorno Seguro Update November 2015


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Retorno Seguro

On Tuesday Dec 1, 2015 I spoke with SAT’s representative Jessica Amaya Lopez 01-55-12-03-1000 ext 47691.

DOF Web site for application form is half way down the page: Solicitud de autorizacion para el retorno de vehiculos extranjeros con permiso de importacion temporal de vehiculos vencidos, de conformidad con la regla 4.2.20.:


Complete the form and only copies of these are required:

1. Passport

2. Utility bill 90 days in any name which will be address used for courier

3. Driver's License (Mexican, Canadian or American)

4. Visa front and back

5. Vehicle Title

6. Receipt when you paid for the car permit

7. Permiso de Importacion Vencido (document from which the windshield permit was removed)

If someone else is going to represent you in presenting the documents in Mexico City you need a copy of the representatives ID along with a letter from title holder in Spanish saying you authorize this person to represent you.

If a person other than vehicle owner will be driving the car in the accompanying letter you must state their full name as on their passport and provide a copy of their ID.


Av. Paseo de la Reforma #10, Piso 26

Col. Tabacalera C.P. 06030

Delegacion Cuahutemoc

Mexico City, D.F.

ATTN: Lic. Sylvia Marcela Robles Romo

Administradora Central de Apoyo

Juridico de Auditoria de Comercio Exterior

There is no cost. Process takes about 15 working days; the office in Mexico City sends it to your local SAT office, which for people in San Miguel is Celaya. That office then sends it to your address, all by courier. Or, a person can take the documents for you with no need of a power of attorney.

The Retorno Seguro is good for 5 days.

At same time I know of no one who was taking their car out of Mexico one last time and had a major issue. After seeing this process I suspect others will do what many have done and that is simply drive out without a Retorno Seguro.



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I updated my web site for future reference.


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When you turn in the sticker all they want are the original papers and the removal of the sticker. No one is going to check your visa status going out.

They will also smile if you stayed too long and tell you, "You lost your deposit". Been there, done that when illness prevented me from returning in the six months allotted.

The Coon is right, they do not care about your immigration status.

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