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Best music in town!!!

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This week we have:


Rafael Buccio & Jimmy Barto starting at 6pm ?????


"Just Jammin'" with Paul Brier, Jay Shuffle & Chelo starting at 6:30pm ??????.

Also will have line dancing with Sunshine at 4 pm for beginners!!

It's going to be sooo cool!


"Tropic Heart" with Sergio Casas ( bajo y voz), Moises Ramirez ( tres cubano, guitarra y voz) & Emmanuel "Jr." Flores ( percusiones). Music like cubano, cha cha cha, cumbia, bolero...starting at 6:00pm.. Dancing dancing ???


Noe, Paco & Jimmy Barto starting at 6:30 party day!!! With dancing, fun and smiles ???


Indigo & Belen starts at 6pm romantic songs!! Just to Chill ???

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