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Liability insurance for non profit board members in Mexico, who sells it.

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Appreciate your feed back and experience with liability for non profit board members in mexico

specially state of Jalisco Mexico.

Who sells it, what does it cover?

Any board members actually file a claim.

any one have any issues,

with a fall or accident on the premises of the non profit. person not covered by IMMS

Accident with volunteers in non profit vehicles.

employee dismissal

that they have been taken to court and held personally liable.

Did they get a court judgement that could take your assets?

bank accounts, household furniture?

How did you protect your assets.

what are the pros and cons when deciding to purchase this insurance?

I have a friend who is 82 years old and has been in mexico for over 30 years, rents, no bank accounts. his response he said to a lawsuit,or major liability was a suitcase and a plane ticket the to USA the that day.

i have bank accounts in Mexico and own a house and love mexico, a plan to stay here the rest of my life.

thank you for any response.

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