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blood donors for surgery - cost?

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My husband and I each need two blood donors for our upcoming surgeries with IMSS in December..

We have a couple of people lined up for this but I think I'd better have a backup or two because if we cannot get the blood, the surgeries will not happen and we've been waiting about a year (stroke & catarac surgery)

If you know of anyone eligible to donate blood, we would be very thankful.

How much should we expect to pay our donors?

Thanks in advance!!

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When you say "lined up", do you mean that your potential donors have been cross matched with your blood (you and your wife) and that they are 100% compatible?

It's more than just ABO and RH.

My apologies if you already knew that but I wanted you to have the surgeries that you both need.

Or...are you just providing replacement blood for what you will take from their blood bank?...since you didn't ask for a specific kind.

And where would the donation take place and how long will it take? If you think that's a dumb question, it's because the last time I donated, I had to sit around the Hospital Civil in San Miguel for three hours while they got their butts in gear.

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Two things.....

First....I believe in the strictest legal sense, it is illegal to buy or sell blood in Mexico from individuals....only hospitals can facilitate the blood acquirement logistics. In desperation, any thing would look OK, but would it fly.

Second....the restrictions in Mexico for donors, is some of the toughest in the world, such as age of donor, medications they are on, health conditions they may have, and a lot of personal habits that are too lengthy to go into here.

A large pct. of participants on this board wouldn't qualify.

Check with the local Cruz Roja as they have a donor list.

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I have heard that you can buy blood through the private hospitals. My neighbors did it that way. If you can provide donors they can have a different type than you, as you only have to provide the same quantity as you take. If you have a local person donate for you, such as your gardener or any younger people who might meet the qualifications, you should be prepared to pay them as the process is really long and arduous here and they will miss a whole day of work to do it, most likely. It is not quick and easy to do like it is up north. My husband did it for someone once at Hospital Civil and with travel and waiting time it took over 6 hours.

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IMSS requires two blood donors for each surgery, blood types don't matter. I know it can be taking people away from their jobs, etc. so I am not paying for blood, I am paying them for their time.

I really want to know what would be a fair price to pay. They have to be at the hospital by around 6:30 a.m. but the wait doesn't seem to be much more than about 45 minutes.

I think I can come up with the people but I really need a backup or two as the time frame is very short from the donation to the surgery and if someone is rejected or gets turned away for any reason, the MUCH needed surgery will not take place and my husband has been waiting for his operation for his stroke since February!!!

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