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"the" store for home electronics ("Best Buy"?)

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In Canada, the store for TVs, amplifiers, speakers, cables, and such was "London Drugs". Other electronics like converters (and other stuff that this layperson didn't understand) could be found at Radio Shack and Circuit City.

Well, yesterday (before we learned about "sound bars"), we wanted to boost a flat-screen TV's volume with an amplifier and cheap external speakers. But from where? Is "Best Buy" the right store for that sort of thing?

Many thanks,

Paul and Greg Weeks

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I would start by looking at the lakeside equivalent of Radio Shack, and should they not have what you need, look at the office copy of their very thick catalog. They are called Steren and the local outlet is across the street from the Wal-Mart store in the Laguna Mall, (the SE corner of the Laguna Mall)

I was at Costco, yesterday, there are two in or near Guadalajara, and saw several sound bars that one could use in front of his TV. Best Buy is another option.

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Unfortunately, no stereo systems at Steren. The big stores like Sears and Liverpool carry them, and so does Best Buy. Selection is limited and pricey.

I recommend a quality soundbar over a stereo system any day, and the best are at CostCo. The cheap ones sound cheap. The most expensive that WalMart carries here, is $3200. It's an LG and sounds pretty good for those who never had one before. I wouldn't spend less than $6000 myself, at CostCo, but I am an audio"phile".

Why soundbar? Less equipment, no extra speakers, sits right in front of the TV, and has settings opitimised for talk vs. boom. Also, no matter what you get, you will have an extra remote.

EDIT: The best soundbars I have ever heard in any price range are the Vizio. The quality is twice what the price reflects. My old, old Vizio bar sounds way better than the $3200 LG (which is a very nice looking bar with excellent LED lighting hidden behind the grillework). The subwoofer is an integral part, and if it's a cheapo, the soundbar sounds cheapo. Also, the bass and treble controls and reach are very important when testing. But, I haven't seen any around here for years.

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