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Driving Directions to Manzanillo


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Easiest is head out through Jocotepec until you reach highway 54 and as you go under the bridge you'll see the first toll booth. Right after the bridge you also have the option to turn right and take highway 80 down to the coast ..... a free road

This site has maps and toll prices


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From Ajijic head west. Just after Las Fuentes frac there is a road indicating Guadalajara. Take that and bypass Jocotopec. When this roads ends turn right. Go thru the town of El Molindo and continue until you see the road split. To the right is Guadalajara but going straight wraps around and takes you onto 54. Stay straight for the quota road. 4 tolls. First 55 pesos second 79 third and final around 129. So that's around 400 pesos more or less.

Time to Ciudad Guzman about 1:15, another 45 min to Colima, 40 to final toll at Cuyutlan.

I would not take the first road into ZLO. I would take what is probably the third and it says Salagua.

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