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Female-Married Nationalization Process


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How are married women getting approval for naturalization when it comes down to their last names and their maiden name? I seriously think my husband spoke to 3 dopes this morning in the office in Guadalajara. They told him that I could not become a Mexican until I had my US passport changed with my maiden name on it. Or I got a letter from the US stating that I've also been known by my maiden name. Have it officially attached to my US passport and then have my Permanente Card changed adding my maiden name! It's not making any sense what so ever. They want all the names to match on my documents. I think this is ridiculous and can't imagine other women doing this. So I want to know what the married women are doing with their names when they apply to naturalize because I know there's quite a few of them here and can't imagine they'd have this issue with their legal married names.

We're thinking of turning in my paperwork the way it is and seeing what D.F. has to say about it.

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you are wrong I had to do that to..You can fight it but believe me all names have to match and it makes sense to me. You can ask to have whatever name you chose from your papers and you may or may not prevail I know women who hav done it and got their way and I also know others who had to go their way.

The married name is just an addon if you really think about it , the only name that is yours in this culture is your father´s name. In France the maiden name is our legal name and the arried name an AKA, you devorce and you lose your married name or have to get the permission from your husband to keep his name.

You can have your maiden name and add on your husband´s name and then you have to explain to some other part of the government why your second name is not your mothers name.

You can also chose to have only one name which is what I did. No matter what the one thing the SRE really checks is that all your papers have the same name...

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