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Drivers License Payment


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Yesterday I went to the Recaudadora in Chapala to pay the Refrendo to renew my drivers license.

She quoted me the normal price for a car ($420). I must have reacted somehow because she then

told me that with my DIF card I could get a $200 discount. I told her my DIF card was at home

but I would be back on Friday.

Sure enough this morning I went with my DIF card (PLUS A COPY) to the Recaudadora Office and in a very few minutes, having paid a total of $220, I left with my official receipt complete with gold seals.

Next week I will visit the office in GDL off of Lazaro Cardenas with all my paperwork plus copies to get my new license..

I did not know this four years ago but now I (and you) do.

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Good to know! My renewal is a year away -- hope I remember!

As for payment, I assume you are going to Plaza de Torres to do your renewal. You might be interested (for next time) to know that you can make your payment right there, as part of the whole process, thus saving a separate trip to our recaudadora..

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