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Ajijic Fishing Club Meeting Monday Nov 2nd

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The Ajijic Fishing Club is meeting Monday Nov 2nd at Dona Lola Restaurant at 9:00 am. Some topics for discussion will include a stocking program for Aqua Milpa, a trip to the tackle store in Guad and a trip to Barra de Navidad in January for salt water fishing. Be sure to show up early and bring a friend. Remember, the early bird gets the worm. :-)

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Come to the meeting and find out. There are will be many members there that will be able to tell you all about it.

I agree with DesertDave. Having fished AguaMilpa many many times over the past few years, I can't imagine why stocking would be needed.

I would come to the meeting to satisfy my curiosity, but I will be fishing at AguaMilpa next week.

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Just returned from AguaMilpa. Fished for 2 days with a friend. The lake was very high and the water quite muddy. However, fishing was still pretty good. We caught and released about 150 fish between us. We usually catch over 100 a day. Still the best bass fishing lake I've ever fished. If you're looking for quantity and a lot of fun, this is the place. Most fish were between 2 and 4lbs.

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